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Maker Faire

Why Maker Faire Is A Favorite For Us

We do a fair bit of “event-style” video production, including doing webcasts and captures of group meetings (especially organizations like WIMP: Web and Interactive Media Professionals), and then quickly producing a finished video that is suitable for viewing online (be it YouTube or Vimeo or the like). But none of that prepared us for the …


Why “Mad Men” Hits Close To Home

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time recently watching past seasons of “Mad Men” on Netflix. I never put much stock into it when it first came out, mostly because a show about the excesses of the 60’s wasn’t really what I was interested in indulging.


A New Idea For Sonoma County’s Indie Filmmakers

Here’s a provocative thought: what if all of the capable and talented artists here in Sonoma County didn’t have to drive to San Francisco to get steady work? What a crazy notion, right? But what I’ve come to realize is that there is definitely a capable and talented pool of actors and performance artists, directors, …

Udderly Direct

Udderly Direct coming to Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 2013!

We’re so excited to have our short documentary, “Udderly Direct” be screened as part of the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival coming in March 2013! More details after the jump.