What the heck is VOM Productions?

We often ask ourselves the same question. VOM Productions is first and foremost the professional alter ego of Randy Hall, long-time digital critter and technologist. Randy has been an avid photographer since he was 12 years old, and was an early enthusiast in digital photography and video. Even when he was deeply into the high-tech geekdom known as Silicon Valley, Randy had an interest in, and a penchant for, the visual arts. He gravitated toward high-tech marketing and press relations, and eventually decided he was done with the technology side of life and ready to express the creative.

Randy made VOM Productions real in 2009, starting with audio production, more specifically his wine industry-focused radio and podcast program Wine Biz Radio. In 2014, with new partners based in San Francisco, he’s embarked on a totally new podcast program about the film industry, called Film Insight.

Since then, VOM Productions transformed into a full-fledged media production house, with the ability to do audio as well as video production, both live events as well as post-production work. He is a recent graduate of the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking and now teaches there part-time as well, specializing in production and post-production sound, documentary, and editing.

And through it all, Randy works tirelessly to build world-class media production capability (and demand) here in Sonoma County.

What does VOM stand for?

Pronounced “vahm” rather than spelling it out like “vee-oh-em”, VOM is short for “Valley of the Moon,” a reference to Sonoma Valley in Sonoma County, California. This is where Randy was living when he hatched the idea to become a media production company, and the name has stuck.

What do you specialize in?

We’re so glad you asked! We (as in the “royal we”) specialize in business-related short films (also loving known as “promo” spots, or even more lovingly referred to as “sizzle reels”). We excel at audio production and live event production (including webcasting over Livestream or USTREAM). We dabble in motion graphics, music videos, film production gadgetry and equipment design (i.e. “tinkering”) and we continue to expand our horizons in all areas of video and film production. We look forward to our first independent feature film, which at this point is still locked away inside Randy’s brain.

Do you only work in the North Bay?

Heck no! We’re open to working anywhere in the world if it’s on your dime. But seriously, we are capable of work anywhere in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and further afield with enough budget and preparation. Go ahead and contact us if you’re interested in discussing your project!

What’s the story with your website?

Yeah, it’s new. It even still has the new website smell (not like “new car smell” at all, however). This site is our online demo reel and gallery/portfolio all bundled together. We will expand it with blogginess (because Randy has ideas in that realm as well) and evolve the look until it is decidedly VOM-ish in its personality.

Thanks for stopping by!