Author: Randy

Randy owns VOM Productions, a premiere media production company headquartered in, and primarily serving the North Bay (Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Marin counties). From 2007 to 2012, Randy was co-host and producer of Wine Biz Radio, a hybrid radio broadcast/podcast about all corners of the wine industry, and he knows way too much about how the wine industry works.

A New Idea For Sonoma County’s Indie Filmmakers

FILMLocalHere’s a provocative thought: what if all of the capable and talented artists here in Sonoma County didn’t have to drive to San Francisco to get steady work? What a crazy notion, right? But what I’ve come to realize is that there is definitely a capable and talented pool of actors and performance artists, directors, producers, cinematographers, makeup artists and other crew here, and they all are burning giant gobs of gasoline driving south in order to work.

So, as VOM Productions recently joined the Go Local co-op in Sonoma County, it only seems fitting that we unveil the initiative that matters to all of us film and TV folks up here in Sonoma County: Film Local.

What does this mean? This means we as a community of film artists (of whatever stripe) start to transform our work and our priorities to move our work closer to Sonoma County and further from (dare I say) the city by the bay. I don’t expect that this will happen overnight; in fact, I have more than a little expectation that this is my “Jerry Maguire” moment.

All the same, I am sure that this is the way forward for me and my production company. Hire local talent and crew, post-production locally sourced, filming local by selecting film locations and settings within the county, and do all of it as much as possible, with the goal of 90% of my work being done within a 25 mile radius of my headquarters in Santa Rosa, and 99% being done within a 50 mile radius.

FilmLocalServiceLevelsDo I think such a goal is easy? Heavens no, it’s tough starting a production company, period. But when I hear over and over how creative professionals and aspiring filmmakers complain about the film production desert that exists north of the Marin County/Sonoma County line, I get it and feel the same pain. And I think we can make it happen for us, without having to give up our principles or whore ourselves to the rest of the Bay Area in order to just barely make a living.

There has to be a better way. Seriously, there is a better way, we just have to come together to realize it.

Contact me if you want to be a part of this. We are talking a ground-floor opportunity to transform our creative community.

707-five-niner-six-eight-five-niner-six is my number.

Apparently The Film Industry Is Stuck In The 90s

So, I’ve been working since the end of October in the production office of a feature film. We’re talking an independent production here, not financed by a big studio or anything. And through my work experience arrangement with SF School of Digital Filmmaking, I was assigned to work as the Assistant Production Office Coordinator, affectionately abbreviated to “APOC”, but not the character from The Matrix.

As part of that, I was told I would be “doing the daily sides” for cast and crew to have for the shooting day. Yippee, I thought to myself. Read more