Udderly Direct coming to Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 2013!

We’re so excited to have our short documentary, “Udderly Direct” be screened as part of the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival coming in March 2013! More details after the jump.Tickets for the screening (scheduled for March 24, where “Udderly Direct” will be screened in front of “Betting The Farm”, a feature-length documentary that tells the story of a group of Maine dairymen who had to form their own company in order to save their dairies and their livelihoods) are on sale at Brown Paper Tickets. A big crowd is expected at the venue, so don’t wait to buy tickets!

What Randy had to say about the news
It is an incredible honor to be selected for the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, quickly becoming one of the best film festivals in North America for non-fiction films to be featured. As a filmmaker who is local to the film festival, I’m especially honored, as Sonoma County has both an amazing depth and breadth of talent and creativity, and I hope to highlight the stories of the people and places in this part of California in years to come. I will definitely not be missing this festival, and I look forward to meeting other filmmakers and film lovers who appreciate the documentary style and its ability to bring attention to issues and stories, both big and small, of the world we inhabit.

Here’s the trailer for “Betting The Farm”:

The screening venue is the Sebastopol Center For The Arts: