Why Maker Faire Is A Favorite For Us

We do a fair bit of “event-style” video production, including doing webcasts and captures of group meetings (especially organizations like WIMP: Web and Interactive Media Professionals), and then quickly producing a finished video that is suitable for viewing online (be it YouTube or Vimeo or the like).

Maker FaireBut none of that prepared us for the tidal wave of video production that was the Maker Faire Bay Area Center Stage venue. 28 sessions captured, most of them 30 minutes long. Each one of those videos needed to be produced and uploaded to YouTube within 96 hours of the event closing. And there were two camera angles!

Needless to say, we had our hands full not only with capturing the speakers, but producing so many videos in such a compressed timeframe. And speaking of compression, 20 hours of clock time were spent with just encoding the final output!

However, we’re really pleased with how the result looks and sounds. We hold a lot of pride in getting a clean sounding, great looking product out, and no client is closer to our heart and our philosophy than Maker Media!

Here are some of the more lively examples of the Center Stage experience:



We look forward to a lively partnership with Maker Media in the months and years to come!