Film Trailers: Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 2014

A trailer made to promote the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival’s 2014 program.

Edited by Randy Hall. Produced by VOM Productions for the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival and the Sebastopol Center For The Arts. Footage from over 18 films that were scheduled for the festival program. Music from JewelBeat.

What Randy had to say about the project
Another very interesting trailer project. This one was really a challenge because of the sheer number of films that needed to be included in the trailer. That’s a lot of film watching, because I didn’t use the film trailers of the films for my source material, I used the full screeners!

It was put together in a manner that intentionally guides the viewer’s eye around the screen, builds in energy throughout and delivers a feast for the eyes. All the while, still being as interesting to watch after seeing it play in front of every film at the festival. I was thrilled and honored that the trailer was so well received!