Film Trailers: Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 2015

A trailer created to promote the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival’s 2015 program.

Edited by Randy Hall. Produced by VOM Productions for the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival and the Sebastopol Center For The Arts. Footage from several films that were selected for the festival program. Music from Internet Archive.

What Randy had to say about the project
This was my second festival trailer for the film festival, and I went over the top for this one, attempting to generate as much excitement as possible by using some very eye-catching clips from several of the festival selections as well as the iconic Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 by Richard Strauss, which we found on the Internet Archive’s Community Audio section.

This time around, a lot more effort was put into the motion graphics, with layers and layers of movement throughout, despite that the opening motion segments might seem excessive, it all worked in harmony with my goal of going “over the top”. Some great effects creating a rippling halftone background, which was much more work than you might expect!

Once again, attention was paid to how the viewer’s eye was guided around the screen from cut to cut, and keeping a very syncopated feel, such that the music leads you on a journey, and you’re expecting something else at each phrase in the composition. The music builds and swells and the most eye-popping parts of the film are brought in for the finish. It played in advance of the festival at local Sebastopol theaters and also on Opening Night of the festival!