It’s all “part of the process”…

You know, when you’re working in the creative realm, there’s always talk of “the process” of creating. And usually it’s accompanied by key phrases like “embrace”, “accept”, “be one with” and “it’s all part of”.

Never mind that it’s a gigantic pain in the ass that, as a creative professional that came from a more technical world (that is, a world where there are more rigid rules, or at least axioms that can be relied upon as a foundation for everything that is built upon it), there’s nothing particularly process-like about “the process”. Really, what these folks are saying is, “you’re going to feel some or all of the following:

  • stupid
  • inspired
  • frustrated
  • calm
  • confused
  • excited
  • lost
  • driven
  • bored
  • crazy
  • sane

And the fact that you’re feeling some or all of those feelings (or even ones not listed) is absolutely normal when engaged in doing something purely creative. Well, sometimes it really blows. Of course, at the same time, sometimes it’s really awesome. And that, sadly, is the paradox of “the process”: that you both love and hate it.

But at this point, I don’t think I’d trade “the process” for any sort of return to the former existence I was engaged in. I feel much less certain about my life and my role in the world, but I also feel entirely peaceful about it. At least at this point in “the process”, anyway.