Narrative Short: Lunch Date

First narrative short produced by VOM Productions in late 2011, in association with the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking. Full discussion after the jump.

Cinematography by Maria Escala Ribas, written and directed by Randy Hall. Starring Claire Slattery and David Louis Klein. Shot with a Canon 60D with a Canon 24-105mm f/4 USM lens. Dialog was recorded onto a TASCAM DR-40 with a Røde NTG-2 shotgun/boompole and a Sennheiser G2 wireless lav on Claire.

Opening montage used YouTube clips and raw footage from Occupy Wall St. protests around the U.S. in the fall of 2011. Scene was shot at the Athidhi Indian Restaurant in Fremont, CA. Editing, motion graphics/titles by Randy Hall. As for the music, we’re combing our production notes to recall where it was licensed from, but it was licensed and royalty-free.

Such an unlikely location. I had so many logistical factors weighing on me, not the least of which was a general sense of dread that I was wholly unprepared for the shoot. As it turned out, I got less coverage than I thought for the piece, but learned a lot, including that I should’ve had the table even further from the wall than I did, or should’ve shot into the corner of the room.

The restaurant was closed that day and was quiet, with the exception of a rather enormous power transformer behind a door not 20 feet from where the set was. The best moment of this project was assembling the credit sequence, with all of the outtakes and fun that the cast and crew enjoyed that day. Mery’s camera work was amazing, and the film benefited greatly from her involvement.Randy Hall