Narrative Short: The Streets of Santa Rosa

Created in a single weekend as part of the first annual 48 Hour Film Project in Santa Rosa. Made with an entirely Sonoma County cast and crew, and filmed in Sonoma County. More info after the jump.

Cinematography by Eric McIntyre, written by Tom Kendrick, directed by Randy Hall. Original score by Ransom Rath. Shot on Sony NEX-FS700 with Canon EF 24-105 f/4L on a Metabones EF-E mount Speed Booster.

What Randy had to say about the project
What a whirlwind weekend! We met on Friday afternoon, started writing and planning Friday night, shot the film all day Saturday, and then edited and turned the film in on Sunday. There were required elements as part of the competition: a prop (bandage), a character name and background (Grant Parchley, former reality show contestant) and line of dialogue (“Hold this, I’ll be right back”).

Overall, the cast and crew all came together to make something that, while not high art, was an interesting visual story and really demonstrated that under pressure, we can totally deliver a film!