Promo: Panacast Demo

The “other” short promo from October 2012 that we produced for Altia Systems in Cupertino to launch their Panacast panoramic live streaming camera. Produced by VOM Productions in cooperation with Fog City PicturesSan Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking and Horizon Communications. Full discussion after the jump.

This was the second part of a multi-promo shoot (go check out part one if you haven’t already). Footage was shot in and around the Altia Systems offices, and a nearby Yiassoo restaurant in Cupertino. Editing by Randy Hall and Jeremiah Birnbaum. Cinematography by Cameron Lockwood. Swing grips were Navjyot Bandiwadekar, Wusi Liu, and Dexter Marsh-Taylor. Voiceover by Nicky Vallee. Original music by Ransom Rath.

What Randy had to say about the project
Here's an update from April 2013