Promo: Chimera Arts & Maker Space

A crowdfunding promo that we created for the Chimera Arts & Maker Space in Sebastopol, California to raise money for their new facility. Produced by VOM Productions, soup to nuts. Full discussion after the jump.

The project was completed in 72 hours, as a test-run for VOM Productions new “3 Day Video Producer” model of affordable business video creation. The production value included in the project: Interesting visuals related to the venture assembled documentary-style, with illustrative motion graphics using After Effects, and talking-head footage shot using a variety of camera angles and movement.

What Randy had to say about the project
As a proof piece for our “3 Day Video Producer” service, this was a resounding success! Chimera (and Dana specifically) was a great client, and I absolutely loved how the project turned out. It definitely helped that I’m a member of Chimera and really understood the goals of the organization. That said, it was a challenge to make an empty building look visually interesting. So I did a long, slow pan of the space with the understanding that I was going to place text into that virtual 3D space, informing the viewer of the blueprint of the new facility. It turned out so much better than I expected, and transformed a visually questionable shot into a much more interesting part of the video!