Promo: Panacast


A short promo from October that we put together for Altia Systems in Cupertino to help launch their Panacast panoramic live streaming camera (which is sweet technology, no doubt about it). Produced by VOM Productions in cooperation with Fog City Pictures and San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking. Full discussion after the jump.

This was part of a multi-promo shoot, and (once again) needed to be turned around very quickly. Footage provided by Altia Systems, with the exception of the classroom panorama, which was setup and shot at SF School of Digital Filmmaking by Randy Hall using a prototype Panacast device. Editing by Randy Hall and Jeremiah Birnbaum. Motion graphics by VOM Productions. Original music by Ransom Rath.

What Randy had to say about the project
Another challenging project, highlighting the need for excellent and clear (and continuous) communication with clients at every level. It is difficult being a creative agency that “does it all” and then having to actually do it all. Nevertheless, the product came out looking professional and energetic, and properly demonstrating the visual capabilities of having multiple HD cameras stitched together in real time.

Having Ransom do a custom soundtrack really brought this to the next level, his abilities and instincts make him an awesome collaborator in the process of finishing this promo!

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