Promo: Ryan Reed Racing

A short but exciting promo for Ryan Reed Racing to introduce the driver and his challenges of living and racing with Type 1 Diabetes. Produced by VOM Productions for Resonate Social Media. Full discussion after the jump.

This was another quick turnaround project (we are a magnet for such things here). Photography and production sound by Mike Davich. Edited by Randy Hall. Motion graphics and sound design by VOM Productions. Original music by Ransom Rath.

What Randy had to say about the project
We had a big challenge to put this video together from the pieces we were given. This was further amplified by the fact that the client wanted to use it for multiple purposes (marketing and fundraising/sponsorship — two related but decidedly different goals). This can sometimes be a warning sign that the end product may try to do too much, and end up less effective than if it was targeted for a single purpose.

This project showed that the creative process in post-production when subcontracting can be just about the most frustrating challenge a creative agency can face.

There were several meetings, and though VOM Productions didn’t have direct visibility to the ultimate client, we strove to provide a visually appealing and energetic promo that is now showing on YouTube as well as fundraising pitches that the driver and his representatives undertake. We’re really proud of how it turned out, and the polish is definitely there to see!