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You’ve landed on this page most likely because you received a business card or tweet or Facebook post with the Bitly link to the film “Udderly Direct” (which recently won an Honorable Mention for Short Documentary at the 2013 Los Angeles Movie Awards!) We would be honored if you could spare seven minutes of your life to watch and perhaps learn a little something about raw milk.

We are still in the process of getting the film booked for film festivals around the country, as well as in the early stages of planning a feature-length documentary on the broader implications of raw milk dairies, the health benefits and risks, and the crusade to allow people to drink and eat what they want. Sounds simple, but it’s so much more complicated than you can imagine, especially in the U.S.

Feel free to follow our shenanigans online at our Udderly Direct Facebook page, and thanks again for coming by!

And so, without further ado, here you go:


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